About me


Was born in St Oedenrode on December 6, 1945. As a colourful and active St. Nicolas present.

I have always wanted to use my creativity, but I haven’t been able to use it actively until I left my job at General Electric Plastics 15 years ago.

It was then that I started attending art workshops, followed by painting classes, ending up becoming a student at the Academy in Belgium.

Last July I graduated ‘with pride’ after seven years of studies. The graduation papers stated I have a special eye for use of colouring and I have the courage to use colours differently. This statement fills me with great pride.

When painting, I mainly use aquarel, waterbased oilpaint, however I much prefer use of extremely brightly coloured acrylic paint.

For the past 14 years I have been working as a Particular Civil Servant, responsible for the solemnization of a marriage. This work creatively inspires me a great deal.

After graduation in July, I have been busy setting up children’s workshops at birthday parties and home events.

Finally, if ever you want me to paint something for you in particular, just have a good look at my current gallery. One day the painting I produced for you might be amongst them.

Karin van de Looij

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  • verduinsbos 26 in Halsteren


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